Joseon Dynasty Chaehwa flower arrangement reproduces a form of royal court decoration using silk flowers that was last practiced in royal festivals of the Joseon era (1392-1910). Its production techniques had been virtually lost for the better part of a century until Flower Artisan Suro Hwang revived the art of Gahwa flower confection on the basis of the precious Jinyeong Euigweh, or official records, of King Sunjeong and Emperor Gojong. Chaehwa royal silk flower arrangement represents the pinnacle of Joseon Dynasty artwork, with flower artisans making by hand Gahwa artificial flowers said to be soaked in their very souls. The flower artisans would glue the beautiful silk with herb extracts, coloring the petals with dyes made from the extracts of flowers, plants and fruits, going into such detail that they would cover the stamen with beeswax and pine tree pollen. The mystery of the Chaehwa royal silk flowers is how their color and fragrance could be so real that they would fool even the bees, butterflies and birds.