The Suro Hwang Institute revives the extravagant yet well-guarded secret of royal flower ornamentation. Over the past half a century, the Institute has made extraordinary efforts to restore the original techniques of chaehwa culture, research Korea's traditional floriculture, and to spread and develop the art of creative flower ornamentation through various exhibitions, publications and consultations. The Institute has also been at the forefront of international exchanges in the area of floriculture.

In particular, the Institute is proud to have been invited to display at the 2006 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation(APEC) Summit Meeting, 2004 General Assembly of International Council of Museums(ICOM), and a symposium hosted by National Taiwan Museum, which served as excellent opportunities to present Korea's magnificent royal flower culture to the world.

Since 1960, the Institute has struggled to keep alive the heritage of national flower culture. We hope to offer a cool shade of flowers under which people and years can take a moment of respite. With pride and joy, we at the Institute will continue to fulfill the responsibility and obligation befitting the custodian of Korea's flower culture.

Thank you.

Suro Hwang, the Flower Artisan.